2013. február 11., hétfő

Studio Diary - Anna

Dear Readers,

When I woke up in the morning of the first studio day I felt very happy and excited. I was in the studio with the guys throughout, heard every moment of the work. I can say I am so proud to work with such amazing musicians.
http://facebook.com/SorroniaOfficialSo about the vocal parts. Before the recording of the main vocals I went to my singing teacher early in the morning. Weird but I wasn't sleepy although I didn't like to wake up so early. I was a little bit impatient but when I went to the studio after the lesson I felt so balanced. I arrived and started the work.
We went forward very well, recorded the main vocals in 6 hours. I need hardly say I was really tired and I slept so fast in the evening. Next day we continued the work with the backing vocals. I really love this part of the work cause very interesting to hear how the backing vocals can make the songs more exciting.

I think we had an amazing time in the studio, we laughed a lot while everybody made excellent work. I'm so glad to work with these guys!
I hope you will like the album! :)

Best wishes,

 Anna Király - Sorronia


2013. február 9., szombat

Studio Diary - István

Hello Readers,

Well, I sattled myself into the studio for two weeks to manage the production :). All the guys from the band and the studio were doing amazing work. I am happy to work with such talented people. 
Anyway, about the synth parts. They were the last parts. We were doing 1 song a day. Making the orchestra work and sound well takes time ;). I hope you will like the result. It was fantastic to hear how the songs were building up step by step, slowly shaping into their final form. I had also attended at the mixing too. It wasn't an easy job to make everything organized and heard clearly but finally our audio-technician managed it perfectly.

I can say we all had a fantastic time together at the studio. Everyone was happy, creative and patient. Be tuned 'cos we are making a teaser from the songs we've recorded.


- István Biró, Sorronia

2013. február 6., szerda

Studio Diary - Hümér

Hi Guys,

Picture of Sorronia's guitarist
 After hard practiceful weeks, the final battle began. I started with a string change. Wasted time. Maybe the string was weak for the 5 hours practicing a-day We choose the final sound of guitars. both in solos and during the tracks. I took my multi effect, but it was useless, heard the guitar sounds, that the studio had, and thought of dropping my effect into the dustbin. Finally reached it. Sounds like an angry warthog especially when I play on the 7th B string (grrrr my favourite one). The recording was great and fast, even the solos which are much better that I expected. I love theese songs which believed to be the best ones I've ever played and I'm happy to play the music I like.

Best wishes,

- László "Hümér" Szabó, Sorronia

2013. február 3., vasárnap

Studio Diary - Kristóf

Hello Guys,

It was a great Sunday morning, when we went to studio. It was our first day, we were really excited. I was a little bit sleepy, because I had a really hard week but when we arrived at the studio, my sleepness dissappeared, because of the perfect drum sound, that came out from the Tama star classic, and the Zildjan cimbals. After the warm up, I knew I was ready to rule the drums :D Honestly these songs are my favourites, so the fills come easily, and I think the best thing in the world - for a musician- is to play in his favourite band and I can proudly say, I feel the same. I had a great day, and it was a great experience to play in one of the best studios in Hungary. 

Brace yourselves, my hellish drumsounds are comin'! 


- Kristóf Vízi, Sorronia

2013. február 2., szombat

Let the journey begin!

Hello Dear Reader!

This is our first blog entry. Why now? We are at the end of our studioworks, about to finish our debut album. and would like to share you our experiences about upcoming and past events. 
At the moment the blog is still undergoing some upgrades to be more "fashionable". Also during the upcoming days we will post you some entries about the work in the studio from the aspects of the band members.

Some information about the album. 

5 tracks will take place on it. One of them is already known by you, the song "Enemy of Yourself". Soon we'll release a teaser for the songs to give you a hint what it will be about ;). Some of you asked about giving concerts, live performances. Yes, we are preparing for gigs too in the near future.

Stay tuned and be up to date!

"Every motion carves a hero...
...Just blindness guides the folk!"