2013. február 6., szerda

Studio Diary - Hümér

Hi Guys,

Picture of Sorronia's guitarist
 After hard practiceful weeks, the final battle began. I started with a string change. Wasted time. Maybe the string was weak for the 5 hours practicing a-day We choose the final sound of guitars. both in solos and during the tracks. I took my multi effect, but it was useless, heard the guitar sounds, that the studio had, and thought of dropping my effect into the dustbin. Finally reached it. Sounds like an angry warthog especially when I play on the 7th B string (grrrr my favourite one). The recording was great and fast, even the solos which are much better that I expected. I love theese songs which believed to be the best ones I've ever played and I'm happy to play the music I like.

Best wishes,

- László "Hümér" Szabó, Sorronia

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