2013. február 3., vasárnap

Studio Diary - Kristóf

Hello Guys,

It was a great Sunday morning, when we went to studio. It was our first day, we were really excited. I was a little bit sleepy, because I had a really hard week but when we arrived at the studio, my sleepness dissappeared, because of the perfect drum sound, that came out from the Tama star classic, and the Zildjan cimbals. After the warm up, I knew I was ready to rule the drums :D Honestly these songs are my favourites, so the fills come easily, and I think the best thing in the world - for a musician- is to play in his favourite band and I can proudly say, I feel the same. I had a great day, and it was a great experience to play in one of the best studios in Hungary. 

Brace yourselves, my hellish drumsounds are comin'! 


- Kristóf Vízi, Sorronia

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