2013. február 2., szombat

Let the journey begin!

Hello Dear Reader!

This is our first blog entry. Why now? We are at the end of our studioworks, about to finish our debut album. and would like to share you our experiences about upcoming and past events. 
At the moment the blog is still undergoing some upgrades to be more "fashionable". Also during the upcoming days we will post you some entries about the work in the studio from the aspects of the band members.

Some information about the album. 

5 tracks will take place on it. One of them is already known by you, the song "Enemy of Yourself". Soon we'll release a teaser for the songs to give you a hint what it will be about ;). Some of you asked about giving concerts, live performances. Yes, we are preparing for gigs too in the near future.

Stay tuned and be up to date!

"Every motion carves a hero...
...Just blindness guides the folk!"

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