2013. február 11., hétfő

Studio Diary - Anna

Dear Readers,

When I woke up in the morning of the first studio day I felt very happy and excited. I was in the studio with the guys throughout, heard every moment of the work. I can say I am so proud to work with such amazing musicians.
http://facebook.com/SorroniaOfficialSo about the vocal parts. Before the recording of the main vocals I went to my singing teacher early in the morning. Weird but I wasn't sleepy although I didn't like to wake up so early. I was a little bit impatient but when I went to the studio after the lesson I felt so balanced. I arrived and started the work.
We went forward very well, recorded the main vocals in 6 hours. I need hardly say I was really tired and I slept so fast in the evening. Next day we continued the work with the backing vocals. I really love this part of the work cause very interesting to hear how the backing vocals can make the songs more exciting.

I think we had an amazing time in the studio, we laughed a lot while everybody made excellent work. I'm so glad to work with these guys!
I hope you will like the album! :)

Best wishes,

 Anna Király - Sorronia


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