2013. február 9., szombat

Studio Diary - István

Hello Readers,

Well, I sattled myself into the studio for two weeks to manage the production :). All the guys from the band and the studio were doing amazing work. I am happy to work with such talented people. 
Anyway, about the synth parts. They were the last parts. We were doing 1 song a day. Making the orchestra work and sound well takes time ;). I hope you will like the result. It was fantastic to hear how the songs were building up step by step, slowly shaping into their final form. I had also attended at the mixing too. It wasn't an easy job to make everything organized and heard clearly but finally our audio-technician managed it perfectly.

I can say we all had a fantastic time together at the studio. Everyone was happy, creative and patient. Be tuned 'cos we are making a teaser from the songs we've recorded.


- István Biró, Sorronia

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